What is carbon farming?

Agricultural carbon markets are developing rapidly, and companies are lining up to purchase carbon credits. This gives farmers new avenues for profitability. But how are carbon credits generated? Why are companies interested in them? How can you maximize credit production? In our Carbon College courses, we will cover these topics and more, helping you take the first steps in implementing carbon farming practices out in the field.

Why take these courses?

  • Learn Carbon Markets

    Understand how carbon markets and agricultural carbon programs work.

  • Learn The Science

    Understand how carbon farming practices drive carbon sequestration.

  • Learn Profit Potential

    Understand how the significant demand for carbon credits can increase farmer profitability.

What to expect

Carbon College provides you with an unparallelled opportunity to learn the cutting edge of carbon farming from the industry leaders who are paving the way. Here's what you can expect from taking Carbon College courses.

  • Courses are hosted by carbon farming experts from across the country, including farmers, agronomists and scientists

  • Courses range from 15 to 60 minutes, and are accompanied by quizzes and case studies

  • Agronomists can earn up to 4.5 CCA CEU credits

Curious about Carbon by Indigo?

Carbon by Indigo has the technology, support, and partnerships that enable farmers to generate high quality carbon credits that companies want to buy. Curious to know how much you could earn in the Carbon program?